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Combining best in class technologies under one cloud-based security platform, Futurae provides your users with future-proof, hasslefree, and intuitive authentication solutions. Gain compliance (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA) and customer trust by choosing the right strong authentication partner.

User-friendly authentication solutions that end-users actually want to use

Modular authentication suite through one RESTful API or web widget

Easy to onboard and manage users and devices

Per active user per month/ as many authentications as needed

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Strong Authentication Suite

In the Business of Securing the Future of Logins and Payments
(2FA, MFA, Transaction Signing, Passwordless Logins)

Whether web apps, mobile apps or voice-assistant enabled devices, Futurae uses the most advanced and secure technology available to secure your user logins and payments. Discover why Futurae is named by Gartner as Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management.

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Our Innovation

The Zero Friction Authentication Solution

Zero-Touch (Soundproof) allows users to securely and seamlessly access their sensitive data without any interruption in the user journey. Using ambient sound, ultrasound and contextual sensor technology, Zero-Touch is able to authenticate a user securely within seconds.

Our innovative 2FA solution allows end-users to verify their identity without any further interaction with their trusted device, in a completely secure manner. Engineered by leading Swiss security experts, the authentication method is the ideal solution for digital platforms with highly sensitive data and also is a suitable authentication method for visually impaired users. Compatible for use in web, mobile or IoT applications.

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Zero-Touch is definitely a lot easier to deal with than traditional two-factor.

Mariella Moon, Engadget

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