Futurae: AI-assisted two factor authentication (2FA)

Futurae AI-assisted two factor authentication suite (2FA, MFA) is affordable and easy to integrate with a simple API.


The first touch point for a customer to access a company portal is seamingless and elegant.


Regulators push for stronger authentication for sensitive user data e.g. PSD2, NIST, HIPAA.


Simple integration provides access to entire authentication suite with one RESTful API.

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Customer Testimonials

"The SIX support team and the end-customers are very happy with the Futurae authentication solutions and the support the team provides."

"Futurae RESTful API integration is straightforward, very nice work!"

"The integration in our Crowdlending Platform worked very well. The Futurae team is extremely competent and helpful."

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"SoundProof is definitely a lot easier to deal with than traditional two-factor"

"Internet users who think two taps on a smartphone is two taps too much may soon be able to use seamless second factor authentication"

"SoundProof could kill annoying two-step authentication codes"

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