Meet the team


Claudio Marforio

Claudio focuses on business development and technology. Claudio holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in Computer Science and is an expert in Mobile Security.

Sandra Tobler

Sandra focuses on strategy and business development. Sandra has years of experience in IBM and S-GE and brings an extensive US and CH network.

Nikos Karapanos

Nikos focuses on research and development of Futurae innovative technology and security. Nikos holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Mike Resvanis

Mike is Futurae lead software engineer for both back-end and mobile applications. He knows Futurae IT-stack inside-out and manages the deployment of Futurae applications and back-end components.

Samuel Berger

Sam has years of experience in business development and sales (CH, UK and Northern Europe) for a B2B startup that grew to an international company with a double-digit valuation.

Gaetano Mecenero

Gaetano focuses on marketing and has years of experience in communication, digital/content marketing and change management. He is speaker and lecturer at ZHAW.

Ilias Rinis

Ilias is a senior software engineer focusing on testing and cloud infrastructure. Ilias holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Jonas Passerini

Jonas is a junior security engineer focusing on mobile and web development. Jonas holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich.

Srdjan Capkun

Srdjan is a Full Professor at ETH Zurich, where he leads the System Security Group and he is also the Director of the Zurich Information Security Center.

Claudio Soriente

Claudio holds a PHD from University of California at Irvine and is currently a Researcher in Telefonica, Spain.

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