Futurae Authentication Suite

The user smartphone is the second authentication device. With a simple RESTful API anyone can integrate our secure, usable and feature-complete authentication suite.

SoundProof Technology

Uniquely usable 2FA using audio and ultra-sound to prove the proximity between the phone and the computer.


Let a user authenticate by simply pressing a button. Works for login authentication, transaction signing and PSD2 regulations.

QR code

Futurae implementation of a Fototan solution. Reliable, fast, and customizable with customers logos.

Mobile Only

Mobile only solution based on a challenge/response protocol compliant with the FIDO UAF standard.


When the user does not have an internet connectivity, Futurae app will always have him covered, with its TOTP solution.


Our open RESTful APIs are easy to implement with a clear interface and awesome documentation.

Military-grade Encryption

Futurae Authentication Suite is built on strong, proven, hardware-backed cryptographic standards. 2048-bit RSA keys, 128-bit AES-CBC, HMAC-SHA256. All our protocols run on top of TLS1.2 with certificate pinning.

iOS and Android

Available for both Android and iOS. The Futurae App is available on the AppStore and PlayStore.