The pioneering sound-based authentication of Futurae blends in perfectly with our payment card Beta-skill, ANGELA, a voice interface based on Amazon’s Alexa. With ANGELA, users can ask for transactions, balance and account information directly from the couch in a secure way and without moving a finger. This would not have been possible without Futurae.

Bedrija Hamza, Bus. Technology Manager, Aduno Group
Aduno Angela

Aduno Group offers a broad range of products and services for cashless payment including card issuing, consumer loans and leasing, and analytics services. Fully owned by Swiss retail banks, the Aduno Group is driving digital banking innovation and payment research initiatives for the Swiss market. Angela is a fully functional early stage voice assistant invented by Aduno Group’s in-house innovation Lab and will provide customers with a touchless and secure access to their payment data.

Benefits of Zero-Touch for Smart Speakers

Tech Neutral

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice-enabled smart devices

Frictionless Authentication Within Seconds

Secure two factor authentication with no extra action needed from the user within seconds

Tailor the Sound to Your Business

Sound jingle or audio message that also acts as authentication factor is fully customizable to meet business needs

  • Enterprise-grade, ISO certified and PCI-DSS compliant, geo-replicated data centers
  • Server infrastructure is redundant and highly available
  • Also available as a managed service on premise
Save on Time and Support Cost

Eliminate long onboarding processes and false positives as training data is not required for this authentication method


Wide range of fallback options (One-Touch, etc.)


PSD2 compliant transaction confirmation and signing via One-Touch

Security and Privacy
  • Next-generation sound-based authentication developed by world-class security experts
  • Publicly-vetted, state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and protocols (TLS v1.2, AES 128-bit GCM)
  • Secure development processes (OWASP guidelines, code reviews, regular in-depth security audits and penetration testing)
  • Comprehensive logging, monitoring, auditing and intrusion detection
  • Neither Personal Identifiable Information nor user biometric data ever stored by Futurae

See a sample Futurae skill in action

The video shows a "Futurae" skill combined with a jingle. Futurae's IOT device authentication can be seamlessly integrated into the authentication flow of every smart assistant skill and be used in combination with a custom jingle or a voice message to securely authenticate end-users.

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