Strong Authentication

Futurae offers a comprehensive authentication portfolio. A variety of technologies allow the highest possible flexibility for organisations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The portfolio allows to combine flexibly the different multi-factor authentication technologies stand-alone, as options, in a step-up set up or as fallbacks. Futurae offers easy enrollment and migration of mobile devices. The products are used for web applications, platforms and customer portals in highly regulated industries where SMS authentication (MTAN) is not considered secure anymore.

The Strong Authentication technologies are available as an SDK, to be easily integrated into existing mobile applications, or via the Futurae secure app that offers corporate identity colours and visuals.

Zero-touch Authentication

Zero-touch two-factor authentication based on ambient sound and ultrasound (SoundProof) to authenticate a user securely within seconds

One-touch Authentication

A set of authentication solutions (Push-based, QR Code, Offline Code or SMS) for additional flexibility and fall back options

Mobile device Authentication

Seamless authentication for applications on mobile devices

Continuous Authentication

Zero touch authentication throughout a user session, non-intrusive session time out

IOT Authentication

Audio based authentication for conversational interfaces (e.g., Alexa, connected homes, industrial IOTs) enabling users to perform sensitive transactions